Ordering Information

Ordering Information


 If interested in placing an order, just make a

list like the examples shown below and send along with payment.

Serious inquiries only! 




Unused Cork Soda

Green's Appleole $15.00

Geni Cola $12.00


Unused Cork Beer
Hibernia $35.00

Schlitz Globe $15.00  




you can copy and paste

into a word document




Keep in mind that quantities may be limited if ordering multiples of the same item and some items shown may already be sold depending on how up to date the site is. I'll refund money for any item not in stock at time of receiving your order. 



* I accept personal checks or money orders.


* Shipping to USA is $4.50 for up to 10 caps, free for orders over $25.00


* Insurance & International shipping are additional costs


Send Orders to:

Kenny Yohn

10141 El Monte

Overland Park, Kansas 66207



Email: BtlCapMan@aol.com


These are my asking prices and do not set any standard for current prices or value.

And just like any other collectible, buy what you like, and buy what you can afford.

 Serious inquiries only!   Thanks, Kenny


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