Bottle Cap Tools & Accessories


The following items are very useful for those that collect bottle caps. 

Each item has either a web link or email address to where these items may be purchased.





 Ruddles Mills Products


Black Chipboard Cases




These cases are made of a heavy chipboard and wrapped in a glossy embossed black paper and are also known as "Riker  Mounts". 

The interior is white polyester. 

The glass lid is secured with pins. 

These cases have long been a standard for collectors to display and store their collectibles and perfect for displaying bottle caps.

Most common size used to display bottle caps are the 160 BK which are 12" x 16" x 3/4".



The Reser Crown Press

This is a great tool for restoring bottle caps. With this tool and an Arbor Press, you can straighten out those old bent crowns to almost their original shape. This tool can remove most opener dents, dimples, creases and flare out the skirt. This will make them look much better for display or make them easier to re-cap that old bottle or crowntainer.


                                    Crown Press                               1/2 ton Arbor Press (Not Included)        

The left portion of the tool is steel and the right portion is plastic to prevent paint loss. In less that a minute you can press your crown to almost it's original form. I recommend the use of an Arbor Press rather than a Bench Vise. I have used this tool on hundreds of crowns from my own collection with great success and think you will be very pleased also. 

To order one of these for yourself, please contact Lonnie Reser at



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