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Home Use Boxes

These boxes of bottle caps were usually sold in grocery stores or hardware stores as a convenience for those that bottled their own products at home such as ketchup, vinegar, juice, soda or beer. Many of these boxes contained a gross of bottle caps (qty 144) and some may have held more than a gross while others only held a dozen.

ABC Cork Co

Ajax Bottle Caps

Anchorlok Blue Anchorlok Green

Anchorlok Red Arco Brand Crown Caps
 60 Caps
Arco Brand Crown Caps
One Gross
Armstrong Bottle Caps 1A
Armstrong Bottle Caps 2A Armstrong's Cork Canada Armstrong's Bottle Caps 1A Armstrong's Bottle Caps 1B
Arrow Bottle Caps Atco Crowns Atlantic Bottle Cap Corp  Belmont Hardware Bottle Caps
Berg & Sons Bottle Caps 1 Bottle Caps 2 Bottle Caps Sanitary Lacquered
Bulldog Bottle Caps 1A  Bulldog Bottle Caps 1B  Bulldog Bottle Caps 1C  Bulldog Bottle Caps 2A 
Canadian Crown Cork Blue  Canadian Crown Cork Red  Canadian Crown Cork  Carvin Crown Caps  
Conservation Order M-104  Continental Can Co 1A  Continental Can Co 1B  Crown Bottle Crowns 
Crown Cap MFG  Crown Cork & Seal 1A
6 Dozen 
Crown Cork & Seal 2A  Crown Cork & Seal 2B 
Crown Cork & Seal 2C  Crown Cork & Seal 3A
W. H. Brown 
Crown Cork & Seal 4A  Crown Home Use 
Cupples Co  Cupples Presto Bottle Caps  Deer Brand Crowns
Round Cardboard Canister 
Double Lacquerd Bottle Caps 
Eagle Bottle Caps  Eagle Crowns  Fine Grade Bottle Caps  Gold Bond Bottle Caps 
 Gold Bold Bottle Caps
Cork-Tex Blue 
Gold Bold Bottle Caps
Cork-Tex Red  
Gold Bond Bottle Caps
Grand Crowns 
Hazel-Atlas Glass Co 1A  Hazel-Atlas Glass Co 1B  Herbs & Spice   
Holdfast 1B  Holdfast 2A  Home Use Bottle Caps 1A  Home Use Bottle Caps 1B 
Jointite 1A Brooklyn  Jointite 1B North Bergen, NJ  Jointite 1C Toronto  Jointite 1D Vancouver 
Jointite 1E Vancouver  Kasco Crown Caps  Kerr 1A  Kerr 1B 
Kerr 1C  King Crowns  Kork-N-Seal 1  Kork-N-Seal 2A 
Kork-N-Seal 2B  Lakeside Products Co. Presto  Liberty Bottle Caps  Lucky Dutchman Bottle Caps 
Mel-Wein Bottle Caps  Monarch Bottle Caps  Murray's  Obsolete 
Primo Crowns  Pyramid Bottle Caps  Realseal Brand Bottle Caps   
Sealex Bottle Caps  Silver Top Bottle Caps  Super Fine Crown Caps  Sureseal Crown Caps 1A 
Sureseal Crown Caps 1B  Unexcelled Bottle Caps  Unico Crown Seals   

Other Bottle Cap Related Items
TOPPY  The Topper
Bottle Cap Remover (no dent type remover)
Can also be used to reinstall cap


Vaughan's Never Chip Opener

Lilly's Ant Cups
F. C. Sturtevant Company
Lilly's Ant Cups
F. C. Sturtevant Company
Ant Buttons
Harris Products Co 

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